Parisian Macarons is the creation of Epsy, a native Parisian who moved to Marin several years ago.

Epsy first learned about the wonders of French desserts and pastries as a young child cooking next to her maman and her grandfather, who was a pastry chef in Paris. 


 She refined her pastry skills by studying at some of the most renowned cooking schools in  Paris, including Alain Ducasse and the Cordon Bleu.  


 Epsy decided to specialize in macarons because of their delicate flavor, sophistication, and  the ability to create different flavors and textures according to her inspiration.  ​


​ ​Epsy has adapted this iconic French pastry to the healthy California lifestyle by using only    natural ingredients and refusing to use any chemical food coloring additives, which are  prevalent in most commercial macarons.